Pro-Trump Paint Deco Replaced on Power of the Primes Jazz Running Change

When Power of the Primes debuted it was discovered that the deco artist of the Deluxe Class figure Jazz had snuck in pro-Trump messaging into a tampograph, specifically “MAGA”, in Cybertronic script at near-imperceptible size. Fortunately it seems that Hasbro has reacted to the justified outcry and blocked out the Cybertronic text.
According to Allspark User Adam16Bit’s Twitter, Power of the Primes Deluxe Jazz has had the Cybertronic “MAGA” cipher text in his tampograph blocked out, leaving only the word “ENERGON” in English. Due to the way it is packaged you’d need a flashlight to check this on the figure itself, but fortunately if you look for date stamp “80671”, any Jazz figures bearing that date stamp will have this change.
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The relevant tweets are embedded below: