Press Start! Transformers X Street Fighter Figures Now Up on Takara Tomy Mall

Snakas reports that the long-announced pair of Transformers X Street Fighter two-packs are now up for purchase via The figures include Ken with Chun Li and Ryu with M. Bison as new decoes of Generations figures.

Update: Allspark combo master Powered Convoy explains that the confusingly “in stock” status of these sets actually indicates a second round of preorder availability, with release still listed for May 26.
The two-packs feature Titans Return and Generations molds painted up as Street Fighter icons, with the pair of Ken (TR Autobot Hot Rod) and Chun Li (Generations Arcee), and a clash between Ryu (TR Optimus Prime) and M. Bison (TR Megatron). No sign yet of any follow-up characters, but if you like this unexpected mash-up, the best thing might be to vote with your wallets.
Check out the images below and more, including a fun video featuring the toys carrying out the moves in the video game, at the listings for Ken and Chun Li and Ryu and M. Bison on TakaraTomy Mall. Then let us know whether you’ll be joining this round in our Street Fighter x Transformers thread on the Allspark Forums or in our Discord server.

Credit: Michael