Predaking Speaks! Samoa Joe Talks Power of the Primes and Voicing the Beast King!

A recent interview on ESPN with wrestling star Samoa Joe, sees him talk briefly about his role as the voice of Predaking in Machinima’s Power of the Primes series.
Samoa Joe has spent the last 16 years rising through everything from TNA, to Ring of Honor, to NXT, until finally entering the WWE. He can also be heard as the voice the Juggernaught Arcana in Dota 2 and the Beast in Telltale’s Game of Thrones video game series. Here’s what he has to say about voicing the king of the hunt.

I play Predaking – what happens when the Predacons, which are these vicious animal robots that combine together. Predaking’s basically this character who – without giving away any spoilers – he’s on a hunt and he’s looking to find his prey by any means necessary.

Joe is also no stranger to Transformers.

I grew up watching Transformers. […] I think it was one of the first cartoons i started watching as a kid. It was awesome. I would set my clock every morning before i went to school. It was a big part of my childhood.

It certainly sounds like Samoa Joe is more than happy to lend his voice to Transformers. As Machinima’s Power of the Primes continues, it will be interesting to see how Predaking plays into the battle between Megatronus and his henchmen vs. Megatron and his uneasy alliance of Autobots and Decepticons.
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Credit: Ian