Power of the Primes Ep. 4 Released – “Primal”

Machinima have released the fourth episode of the Power of the Primes web cartoon, and the episode title should probably clue you in as to which character makes his first appearance! Read on to watch the episode!

As we rejoin our heroes, Windblade, Perceptor and Victorion find themselves caught up in a Combiner war, whilst Megatron ventures within the hidden vault to retrieve the legendary Requiem Blaster. You can view the episode embedded below:

US viewers can also watch Power of the Primes on the go90 website, whilst international fans can check out the entire series so far via the show’s official Tumblr blog.
Four episodes in, are you feeling the power of the Primes, or is this trilogy set to go out with a whimper? Sound off with other fans on the Allspark Forums!