Pete’s Robot Convention Reveals Unused Beast Machines Megatron Head Sculpt

Pete’s Robot Convention from Night Shining Inc. is just around the corner on June 9-10, and the show runners have shared a pre-production copy of a Beast Machines Megatron with an unused variant head, representing his Beast Wars Transmetal 2 face with an adorably dopey grimace. Come see the figure and join the Allspark meetup at the event!

Night Shining Inc.’s Jesse Wittenrich explains that the figure is a recent addition to his personal collection, which will be on display alongside many other pre-production and artwork oddities and rare pieces at the event.
He received it in the original review shipment box from Takara, including three heads – one copy of what would become the production version, as well as two copies of this variant, based on Megatron’s face under the control harness mask. Curiously, and perhaps explaining an old mystery, the figure was labeled as a Deluxe!
You can see the full details in our thread about the figure at the Allspark Forums or check out the original post from Pete’s Robot Convention on Facebook for more highlights of the con, like the dealer room, 3H reunion, children’s events, custom class, Alter Egos custom raffle and more!
In what we consider another highlight, we will be holding an fan meetup at the convention on June 10. Come hang out with us and meet with fellow Allsparkers, trade Power of the Primes trading cards, and attach some faces to user names, with more details to come closer to the event! Round up your own posse for the event on the Allspark Forums or our Discord server.