New Listings Appear for Asia Exclusive Power of the Primes Volcanicus Boxset!

Chinese retailer Tmall has put up a listing for a special Volcanicus boxset, featuring all five Power of the Primes Deluxe Dinobots. Sorry Raptor fans, but no Slash in this set.
Interestingly, while most of the images for this set showcase a large, cube-shaped box adorned with artwork of the mighty dino combiner, along with the individual figures, at least one image shows the larger box alongside the individually packaged Dinobots. The figures themselves also appear to be unchanged from their US and Japanese releases. Could this mean that, rather than a unique gift set similar to TakaraTomy’s Unite Warriors releases, or Hasbro Victorian, Liokaiser, or the G2 combiner releases, that this is merely a fancy box containing the Dinobots in their standard packaging in one place? View the images below and see what you think.
The set also seems to contain an Earth Wars tie-in credit of some kind and … a notebook?
Thanks to Allspark’s big, fancy box with everything in one place, Powered Convoy, for this news.
It’s not a Unite Warriors box set in a premium deco, but if you’ve held out on the Dinobots so far, will having them all in one place be enough for you to pull the trigger? Are you disappointed that Legends Slash is nowhere to be seen? Whatever your thoughts, join the Power of the Primes discussion on our Allspark Forums. If you’re a new visitor, Consider making an account right here. Or, if you’d prefer, jump right into the live chat on our Discord Server.

Credit: Ian