New Diaclone Revival Reveals at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

Among TakaraTomy’s reveals at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018 were new Diaclone gear for both Dianauts and Waruders in preproduction form, including a new version of the Battle Buffalo robot as well as new variations for the smaller power suits on both sides of the fight. Twitter users ALT_tekka and figsoku snapped up some tantalizing pictures.
The images below include more images of the previously revealed “ring mount” empowered Waruder suit in a couple of configurations, plus two new variations on the Waruder Suit in green and purple to match the red Flinger and blue Stang. Dianaut suits Maneuver Gamma and Maneuver Delta were revealed, the latter as a rendering and hinting at a modular system similar to the Waruder power suits, and a Maneuver Alpha was shown wearing what appears to be a new flight-capable power suit of its own.
And then there’s Battle Buffalo, the third large, transforming robot to enter the Dianauts’ ranks, following Dia Battles (V2) and Big Powered (GV) in evoking the original toy while appearing to hide a lot of clever new tricks we’re anxious to see.
Check out all the reveals from the show, including TakaraTomy’s Transformers, Diaclone, and Zoids and Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl to name a few, at @ALT_tekka and @figsoku on Twitter. Then come discuss your thoughts on the new Diaclone figures in our Diaclone Revival thread on the Allspark Forums or on our Discord server.
Thanks to Allspark’s own Diaclone-derived hero Powered Convoy for breaking this news.