“Nerf this!” Hasbro obtains Overwatch toy license for Nerf guns and more

Activision Blizzard – creators of the enormously popular video game Overwatch – have announced partnerships with multiple toy companies as it expands its merchandising arm; prominently among them Hasbro, who have been awarded the master toy license for Overwatch.
The Hasbro/Blizzard partnership isn’t entirely unprecedented; last week, the Overwatch Twitter account announced a line of Overwatch-themed Nerf guns as part of their “precision battling” Nerf Rival subline. It’s currently unknown what other plans they have for the license;¬†though they’ve announced plans for “a range of play experiences” including “games and more”, plenty of fans will surely be hoping for G.I. Joe-style 3.75″ action figures, or 6″ collectibles in the vein of Star Wars: The Black Series.
Hasbro, of course, aren’t the only toy company that Blizzard is partnering with: LEGO has plans for a series of Overwatch building sets, while their pre-existing relationship with Good Smile Company – responsible for the popular Figma line of high-end collectible action figures – will continue… and, of course, Blizzard is still partnered with the (in)famous Funko, creator of the Funko POP! line of vinyl figures. Other companies, such as McFarlane Toys and Mattel, will keep or receive the licenses for lines such as Activision’s Call of Duty and Destiny.
What are you hoping for from this new partnership? A transforming Bastion? A Numbani playset? Share your thoughts in the Overwatch thread in our forums – and, as ever, you can join in the discussion on our Discord server!