Machinima Releases Titans Return Recap Voiced by Victor Caroli and Behind the Scenes Video

Earlier this week, Machinima released a pair of videos. Via Tumblr, the team released a Meet the Cast video from the Power of the Primes team (not to be confused with the brief behind-the-mic video released last week). Via Facebook, they released an extended recap of Titans Return voiced by none other than The Transformers: The Movie narrator Victor Caroli!
The Meet the Cast video, featured on Tumblr, includes some video snippets, including as yet unseen footage from future episodes of the series, alongside testimonies from various cast members enthusiastic about their complex characters and how honored they are to be a part of this momentous project. Featured voices include Abby Trott, Judd Nelson, Gregg Berger, and Jaime King (the voices of Windblade, Rodimus Prime, Grimlock, and Solus Prime), DashieGames, Mikey Way, MatPat, and Frank Todaro, who says that Sludge is the best role he’s ever had.
The real star here might be Gregg Berger, who seems utterly immersed in the role of Grimlock in the recording booth. “I performed my own tonsillectomies every session.”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Machinima released this recap of the events of Combiner Wars and Titans Return, voiced by The Transformers narrator Victor Caroli in full TFTM style. The first two minutes of the video appear in the first episode of Titans Return, “Aftermath and Rebirth”, as an introduction to the series for anyone skipping in late, and are repeated here without alteration. This time around, however, Machinima have appended another 4:30 of Victor Caroli’s crisp and engaging narration to bring to life to the events of Titans Return, and presented the video separately from the main series as a convenient alternative to watching the first two chapters before jumping into Power of the Primes.

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You can also check out Machinima’s Prime Wars page on Go90 and YouTube (the latter not including episodes of the current series.) Thanks to Allsparker Fenix Twilight for breaking the news of the Meet the Cast video!