LG-66 Legends Targetmaster Topspin Gallery and Review!

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to stop this one robot wrecking crew from conquering his way into the Allspark studios this weekend!  Will Targetmaster Topspin enjoy beating Decepticons on your shelf, or is this thrill seeker not worth the money and effort?  Tune in after the break to find out!

If you have not yet purchased the Hasbro versions of these mold, and by the end of the gallery decide that the Takara colors are not worth the purchase, I still highly recommend the domestic figures.  They are toy accurate, look amazing, and have become some of my favorite toys from the entire current trilogy.  If you want to read a review of the molds, please go to my original review, right here:

Titans Return Topspin and Twin Twist Gallery and Review!

In the meantime, let’s look at the differences in the two versions of this figure:

Targetmaster Topspin Vehicle Mode
While the blues on this figure are drastically different, the paint ops on the vehicle mode are not.  The silvers and reds are virtually the same as they are on the domestic release.  The panel in front of the canopy actually has yellow paint on it, as opposed to the bare panel on the domestic release.  The “knee pad” panels are outlined in blue instead of black, and the vent areas have a slightly more red tint than on the Takara release.  The sides of the “boosters” themselves are bare on the Legends version of this mold, while the aft skirts are slightly metallic charcoal.

Targetmaster Topspin Robot Mode
I do not know how to accurately describe the “off white” of the torso and legs on Legends Topspin, but I can tell you they are not the same color, and that pictures do not really capture the difference well.  Other differences include grey at the waist instead of blue, yellow and grey panels on the chest, more toy accurate blue/red/gold on the shoulders, and the underside of the wings has a more toy accurate straight red line.  The eyes on the figure are also more toy blue, and the Headmaster head has a painted faceplate and eyes.  I think the yellow on the crest of the forehead may also be less “green” than the domestic release, but it is hard to tell for sure.

Targetmaster Peaceman
Peaceman is a repaint, remold of LG-46 Target Kup’s partner, Recoil.  His color scheme is red and black, but the paint pattern is slightly different between the two.  The remolding of the gun comes in the form of the barrel.  Where Recoil had two barrels, Peaceman has a single barrel.

Legends LG-66 Targetmaster Topspin is all the greatness of the Titans Return mold, with a little added fun on the colors and a Targetmaster partner to boot.  I give him a 9.5/10!  He runs around $40 currently, which may be more than some want to pay for a deluxe size mold, even with an extra Targetmaster partner, but for those that do choose to purchase him, they will not regret it!