Legends LG-65 Targetmaster Twin Twist Gallery and Review!

Sinking his drills into the Allspark Studios this weekend is none other than the second half of one of your favorite Wrecker duos, Twin Twist!  Will Targetmaster Twin Twist find war wherever he wants it?  Will Optimus Prime get a robo-ulcer worrying about his uncontrollable nature?  Tune in .4 seconds after the break to find out!

Like I said during my Top Spin review, if you have not yet purchased the Hasbro versions of these mold, and by the end of the gallery decide that the Takara colors are not worth the purchase, I still highly recommend the domestic figures.  They are toy accurate, look amazing, and have become some of my favorite toys from the entire current trilogy.
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In the meantime, let’s look at the differences in the two versions of this figure:
Targetmaster Twin Twist Vehicle Mode
Twin Twist sports less changes in this mode that his partner, Topspin.  The blue of the Legends version is much more of what I would call a “show color”.  While he was not in the G1 cartoon,  this blue matches TakaraTomy’s color’s choices for other show characters, so I figure I can use said nomenclature.  Beyond the blue, there are a few minor differences that include a lack of an Autobot symbol, a deeper yellow on the front of the drill, a light metallic grey for the treads, and some minor difference in color on the off-white sections that I cannot seem to pinpoint with words.  It looks slightly different, suffice to say.
Targetmaster Twin Twist Robot Mode
For a deco that really wants to look like it came from the original cartoon, LG-65 Twin Twist really adds a lot of toy details the domestic version left out.  These details include:

  • a yellow panel on the left side of the chest to simulate the sticker
  • a red highlight at the top of the shoulder panels that simulates the triangle on the original figure
  • a grey rectangular area that resembles the latch the original figure had in the chest.

Further changes include silver at the waist and brighter blue on the eyes.  Legends Headmaster (Flameout) has a blue torso and a layout similar to Twin Twist himself.  Like the Legends version of Freezeout, his face and eyes are painted.
Targetmaster Spoil
Spoil is mostly a new figure.  While he shares the same mid-section and thighs that all the Autobot Targetmasters use, everything else is different.  At first glance, I thought perhaps he shared the barrel section with Recoil, but even that is not the same.  I really love how distinct the Targetmasters are, and I really hope that we get repaints of them either as new Legends figures, or domestic releases, or both.  Bring on the repaints!
Overall Thoughts
I really enjoyed this mold when I first bought the Titans Return version.  Twin Twist looks built for a fight, with a thick torso, powerful looking arms and legs, and an armored look that would make any Decepticon take a moment to think before attacking.  The poseability in this mold is phenomenal, and while the vehicle mode is a little back heavy, it is forgivable because it looks so cool and really gives off a Cybertronian vibe.  This is one of the best Generations/Legends figures yet.
Legends LG-65 Targetmaster Twin Twist is all the greatness of the Titans Return mold, with a little added fun on the colors and a unique Targetmaster partner to as a bonus.  I give him a 9.7/10, with just a slightly higher score than his partner Topspin because NOSTALIA.  He runs around $40 currently, which may be more than some want to pay for a deluxe size mold, even with an extra Targetmaster partner. However, I do not think that will be an issue for those that do choose to purchase him.  I highly recommend both Legends Jumpstarters.  Get them now!