Hasbro Toy Shop “Saving Streak” Deals Week with MAYHEM Promo Code

Hasbro Toy Shop is running a week of sales celebrating, it seems, the month of May. Today, it’s 25% off your second item; Thursday offers 20% off orders (or items?) of $100 or more, while it’s free shipping sitewide for the weekend, all with the code MAYHEM. These sales apply across brands, including Transformers, Star Wars, and My Little Pony.

If you’re like us, you’ve missed out on yesterday’s 20% off new toys, and Wednesday’s sale is limited to Nerf, Beyblade, and the music mixing game DropMix. But there’s still plenty of opportunity to save on any Hasbro toyline you happen to follow.

You can check out currently running promotions at HTS including today’s terms, including a second promotion for the month of May offering 30% off items in the Hot Deals category, or see the sales event on their front page. Check out our hot deals thread on the Allspark Forums or jump in at our Discord server to share your thoughts.