Hasbro Pulse Shows Off The “Pretengineering” Behind All Transformers!

Via their Instagram account, Hasbro Pulse has put up an image providing a brief glimpse into the “Pretengineering” of Transformers, the “pretend engineering” process before the process of brainstorming the actual inner workings and gimmicks of any figure can begin. The image features the process on what appears to be Cyberverse Megatron.
The Image displayed on Hasbro Pulse’s Instagram account shows off artwork for the “pretengineering” concept through the inner workings of a Megatron robot design. (We’ve seen this design in toy form in toy photos of Cyberverse Megatron, but you can spot some simplifications along the way to that toy.)

As Hasbro puts it themselves:

Pretengineeering is pretend engineering created to explain the dynamic functionality of each Transformers robot.

Despite the fact that this is in no way a reveal of an upcoming Megatron figure, it does give us a brief look into the minds of Transformers designers, as well as another layer of what it takes to make a Transformers action figure.
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