Hasbro Facebook Video Showcases Machinima’s Requiem Blaster

Hasbro posted short video posted yesterday via their Transformers Facebook page, showcasing the Requiem Blaster as imagined by Machinima for the Power of the Primes web series. The second and third episodes revealed much of the history the video presents, but the video nonetheless confirms (that is, spoils) a couple of upcoming reveals. (Spoilers after the jump.)
The video explains the weapon’s origin as revealed in the series so far – created by Solus Prime to destroy Unicron, then accidentally triggered by Megatronus to kill her, a very special message about the importance of firearm safety. After this recap, the video further identifies Optimus Primal as having been placed to protect the weapon, while showing Megatron preparing to fire the weapon in some future episode.
Check out the video below, then share your thoughts in our Power of the Primes web series discussion thread or our Discord server.