First Glimpse of Cyberverse Animation and Hasbro Goals for Transformers Brand Unity

License Global details Hasbro’s push to engage with Transformers as a “360-lifestyle brand”, explaining how the Bumblebee movie, Cyberverse, the Prime Wars web shows, and all the many other elements of the Transformers franchise connect with one another, connect to the history of the Transformers property, and connect generations of fans. Included is a frame from the Cyberverse animation.

While the Cyberverse toys have been publicized since February and promotional art appeared all the way back in October of last year, this is the first release of a shot of what appears to be the final animation, already seeming a bit distinct in stylization from the style of the preceding Robots in Disguise series.

The article itself is an interesting read, with perspectives from Tom Warner and Simon Walters, senior vice presidents at Hasbro who work with the Transformers franchise. While there are no major new revelations about Cyberverse, Bumblebee, or the Machinima web series, the article outlines Hasbro’s strategy to build an all-ages property that can connect its many disparate target demographics into a shared experience.

It definitely has universal appeal. There are nuances within the consumer base but overall the idea of Autobots and the overall concept is absolutely universal.

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