DNA Design Studio Series Grimlock Upgrade Kit Preorder on TFSource

Site sponsor TFSource has listed an August preorder with gallery for DNA Design’s extensive upgrade kit for the massive Studio Series monster Grimlock. The kit includes new articulated hands and a left arm, new weapons, and enhancements for the mighty Dinobot knight’s dinosaur form.
While DNA Design have released complete figures of their own based on Transformers characters, they have also produced upgrade kits for official figures, such as the Titans Devastator, Fortress Maximus, and Metroplex, improving articulation and filling in the gaps, literally and figuratively, where the mass-market toy could not. The Grimlock kit brings Studio Series Grimlock just that much closer to the film version seen in Age of Extinction.
The kit is listed at $29.99 USD. Check out the preorder at TFSource for more details.
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