Comixology’s “Shadow of Unicron” Sale Gets Readers Prepared For The End Of The IDW Universe

Hot off of Free Comic Book Day’s apocalyptic Transformers: Unicron #0, digital comics retailer Comixology has launched the “Shadow of Unicron” sale, offering 50% discounts on many recent Transformers titles from IDW!
Named after the infamous Chaos Bringer who will bring the IDW Universe to a close after 13 years of comics this July, the “Shadow of Unicron” sale gives readers to catch up on some of what they’ve missed before the end arrives. While the discounted offerings aren’t comprehensive, lacking some of the earlier entries in the IDW continuity and many of the non-Transformers books that were launched around 2016’s Revolution event, there’s still plenty of deals to check out! The entire 57 issue runs of both Transformers: Robots in Disguise and the critically acclaimed fan favorite Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye are both available for 50% off their normal prices, as are the first 15 issues of their respective continuations Optimus Prime and Transformers: Lost Light. Other highlights include the two acclaimed Wreckers miniseries Last Stand and Sins of the Wreckers along with both of Mairghread Scott’s Transformers: Windblade miniseries and their spiritual continuation Transformers: Till All Are One.
For those looking to dip their toe into the larger IDW Hasbro universe, the crossover miniseries Transformers/G.I. Joe: First Strike, ROM vs. Transformers: Shining Armor, and the first three issues of the recently concluded Transformers vs. Visionaries are included as well.
You can find the Transformers: Shadow of Unicron sale here. Once you finish binging on Transformers comics, head on over and tell us about your excitement and/or despair over the coming of Unicron and the end of an era over in our comics discussion forums or on the official Allspark Discord server!