Collider Interviews Reveal New Details on “Bumblebee: The Movie”

Movie news website Collider has posted a pair of exclusive interviews with “Bumblebee: The Movie” director Travis Knight and star John Cena, both of which provide new insights into what the upcoming Transformers spin-off will have to offer.
Filmed on the showfloor of last week’s CinemaCon, where footage of Bumblebee: The Movie was shown for the first time, Collider first interviews director Travis Knight, asking him about the experience of making his live-action directorial debut and going through test-screenings before getting into questions about what to expect from the film’s cast of robots and what elements of the Transformers mythology we’ll see. Knight reiterates the common refrain that this movie is very much focused on Bumblebee himself and his relationship with the human protagonist played by Hailee Steinfeld and will thus feature a more limited cast of Transformers. Mythological speaking, Knight explains he drew on a lot of his memories of growing up with the original Generation 1 Transformers cartoon and toys while directing Bumblebee and promises that there will be plenty of continuity ties with the previous five Michael Bay Transformers movies, though not so much that audiences won’t be able to enjoy Bumblebee: The Movie without having seen the others.
Many of the same questions repeat during Collider’s interview with star and invisible man John Cena, who promises a much more story-driven Transformers movie than we’ve seen in the past and similarly plays coy with revealing details about the non-Bumblebee Transformers in the movie, drawing upon his history in the pro-wrestling business to know when not to say more about who might be showing up. While these interviews were reportedly filmed before the footage had been shown, reports from CinemaCon claim a red-and-white jet Transformer resembling Starscream was shown menacing Bumblebee in one of the clips shown.
Check out the two interviews on Collider for the full details. If you’re as excited for Bumblebee: The Movie as we are, be sure to check out the discussion thread over on the Allspark forums! And if you need another place to speculate on which Transformers might appear or discuss John Cena’s rap career, feel free to join us on the official Allspark Discord server!