Allspark Interview with Michael McConnohie (2005)

What’s old is new here at The Allspark. In our first of many repostings of past content, we are happy to bring you our very first audio interview, originally posted all the way back in Feb 2005! In this original episode of Allspark radio, Rook sits down with Michael, as well as Tracks and Cosmos in this very informative and entertaining segment of what was first of many great interviews on our pages.
Allspark audio interviews are a lighthearted production hosted by Daniel Ross as the character Rook from Mouth Zero Four Studios here at The Allspark. With the gracious time given to us by professionals such as Mr. McConnohie, we are able to provide an alternative to simple text interviews you find on many websites. We thank you Michael, and everyone else, who has given back to the fans in this way.