Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for May 26th 2018

Good afternoon, Allspark! This week’s Art Showcase pick is a pair of Diaclone decos rendered in Generations form by our own lastmaximal. Loudpedal and Exhaust were recreated from Generations mold-mates Wheeljack and Turbo Tracks.

Exhaust, the toxic, nicotine-fueled Diaclone deco of Wheeljack, is technically unfinished, waiting for a replacement head, but the detailed paint and decal work gives the alt mode a bold and distinctive flavor that couldn’t be mistaken for Wheeljack. Loudpedal completes the set as an accurate and properly sinister redeco of Tracks, based on the rare black Corvette deco that saw a limited release in Diaclone alongside the better-known red one (which itself much later became the Transformers character Road Rage.)

See lastmaximal’s post for the details and Loudpedal’s robot mode, including a modified head. (Exhaust’s robot mode is still waiting on a head.) While you’re there, share your thoughts on the custom or ask for tips on approaching one of your own.
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Note: Some will observe that Turbo Tracks, while based on an Generations mold and intended to fill a spot in Generations collections, was not in fact labeled “Generations” on his packaging. Please forgive the thrift of the opening description in referring to him as such.