Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for May 12th 2018

Good morning, Allspark! It’s time for our weekly art showcase, featuring the best of Allspark’s customs, fanart, and other creative works. This week, we’re doing something a bit different and showcasing a pair of smaller-scale touch-up and mod jobs that bring the best out of the Studio Series Seekers.

While elaborate kitbashes and repaints are often very impressive, it’s sometimes nice to showcase the big difference that small changes can make, and we think these two treatments on recent Studio Series jets illustrate that perfectly.
Dr Syn’s Starscream shows what a little ink or wash work – and a very steady hand for those very fine eye guards, which we can only imagine Starscream himself wished had been a bit more robust in Dark of the Moon – can do to bring some texture and life out of Movie franchise toys, even the premium, accuracy-oriented figures of Studio Series. While this style of texturing can be overused, Dr Syn’s judicious use here captures the movie’s worn metal surfaces perfectly. It’s also a nicely evocative photo. See Dr Syn’s post or check out his Flickr gallery of other touch-up work and toy photograph.
Dave Van Domelen’s Thundercracker takes a different tack, but one no less concerned with filling in the gaps of a retail release. While he’s employed a Prize Inside G1 Thundercracker face to slightly repurpose the figure’s identity, the real spit and polish work comes in his completion of the paint scheme over the wings and the dye and paint job done on Thundercracker’s new Titan Master. Check out Dave’s custom thread for more images and details for this and other customs.

Do you have any figures that just need that last little touch to be perfect? Try your hand at a touch-up and show off your results at the Iacon Art Institute forums, or come ask the experts any questions you have getting started. Your work might show up as a future Allspark Art Showcase item!
If you have work to share, whether 2D, sculptural, or repaints and other customs, come share your creations at the Iacon Art Institute or our DeviantArt page. If you’re new to Allspark, create an account, or jump into the live chat on our Discord server.