“When I bring on the apocalypse, this will all be worth it…” – First Trailer for Machinima’s Power of the Primes Web Series Released!

Machinima have released the first trailer for their upcoming Power of the Primes webseries! Following on from the end of the Titans Return series, it seems that Power of the Primes will begin with Megatron, Windblade, Victorion and Perceptor on the run in a technological forest after the ancient villain Megatronus’s murder of Optimus Prime, where they are attacked by the Dinobots.

As many predicted, there’s no sign of POTP’s core Prime Master gimmick in use, but many of the characters appearing hail from the POTP toyline, including Predaking, the Dinobot combiner Volcanicus, and the dramatically-revealed Optimus Primal – voiced by an uncharacteristically subdued Ron Perlman. Meanwhile, characters from the previous two chapters of the Prime Wars trilogy are shown to reappear, from Overlord to the combiners Computron, Devastator and Menasor – none of whom seem to hold up too well against the Fallen!
We also get a few new tidbits about the plot, which will involve a hunt for Megatronus’s powerful Requiem Blaster and a spark-harvesting scheme not unlike that of Zeta Prime in The Transformers: Autocracy. One of the most surprising elements, though, is a brief appearance by the disembodied head of Unicron during the title animation. Unicron has been making several notable appearances in recent Transformers media, but what role he will play in Power of the Primes remains to be seen. We’ll find out when it starts on Tuesday, May 1!
Thanks to Allspark forum user Wildwade for bringing this to our attention. Check out the Machinima Power of the Primes discussion thread on our boards, or visit our Discord server to discuss the new trailer!