Titans Return Grotusque Found at Toys ‘R’ Us US Retail Stores

With the death of Toys ‘R’ Us its varied exclusives have been left adrift, with the exclusive Titans Return Grotusque (plus Fengul and Scorponok) among them. Thanks to a sighting in Columbus, Ohio from the Facebook group Cybertron Cafe, it has been confirmed that Grotusque is showing up at U.S. brick and mortar retail after previously only being available online.
Shared by Wyatt Boggs in the Facebook group Cybertron Cafe, this sighting in Columbus, Ohio provides a new avenue to purchase the exclusive Titans Return Grotusque toy, a remold of Titans Return Deluxe Class Twinferno packed in with a die-cast Scorponok Titan Master, after Toys ‘R’ Us shut down their website. This is especially good news for fans who missed out on the initial stocking of Grotusque, who not only get a second chance at the figure, but at a likely discount thanks to the Toys ‘R’ Us liquidation sales!

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