The Spark in Review: April 27, 2018

The Spark in Review is back, with a weekly rundown of what’s new in our toy-robots-and-related-media world. This week, we’re ramping up to the unavoidable Tuesday release of the Power of the Primes web cartoon from Machinima, there’s new Hasbro movie news from Paramount and Bumblebee spoilers, and someone’s gone and made a real-life transforming car.

Power of the Cartoon Accuracy
Toy News and Reveals:
This week’s toy news begins with Power of the Primes. New stock images for the upcoming Leader-class Optimus Primal figure have surfaced, and Figure King #234 included a small gallery for the Predaking set. Meanwhile, video reviews have begun rolling out for the completed Terrorcon combiner Abominus, and we released our own gallery and review of the mighty Dinobot combiner Volcanicus.
In a coda to both Titans Return and the Toys R Us legacy – but more on that in a bit – Toys R Us’s previously web exclusive Titans Return Grotusque has appeared in brick and mortar stores following the shutdown of the website, subject to Toys R Us’s deep liquidation sale price cuts.
There’s news in Studio Series as well, with new photography of the next round of Deluxes and Voyagers including Megatron, Brawl, Lockdown, and Jazz. Another Toys R Us exclusive, Studio Series Thundercracker, is also now available at Entertainment Earth.
Finally, Hasbro has released “Leaked from Cybertron” slideshows for Studio Series Blackout and Grimlock and Power of the Primes Slash, offering a peek at the schematic and prototype stages and Slash’s originally much less adorable head.
In an item that’s not quite toy news, Hallmark has revealed their 2018 Transformers ornament, Starscream.

My money’s on the F-15, honestly.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
Machinima’s Power of the Primes series begins Tuesday, and after announcing the release date, Machinima and Hasbro have released a trailer and a behind-the-mic video with some of the top voice talent for the series. We just can’t wait.
In gaming news, Earth Wars is running an event this weekend with various prizes, after a taste of five free prize bundles earlier this week, both celebrating the launch of a new stage and the new combiners Victorion and Menasor. And no one said anything about an upcoming Transformers trading card game.
In comics, IDW have released their shipping list for May 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog has still gotta go fast, selling out its second and third issues and the second printing of the first, which is certainly looking like a successful launch. On the Transformers side, James Roberts has confirmed that he won’t be involved with the Transformers reboot following the Unicron arc in September, leaving fans to speculate on the direction for the next Transformers comic continuity. We’ve also posted the full preview for Boom!’s Go Go Power Rangers #9.
In movies, the end of the numbered Transformers series doesn’t appear to have slowed down Hasbro and Paramount’s work. A sizzle reel for Bumblebee was revealed at CinemaCon, apparently featuring a very Starscream-like jet villain and equal parts character showcase and action. Meanwhile, Paramount has revealed a five-year plan with Hasbro that includes the planned M.A.S.K. as well as other potential Hasbro film properties.
Outside the Transformers sphere, Disney has released information on the successor to Star Wars: Rebels, named Star Wars: Resistance, set in the lead-up to The Force Awakens.

It’s like 2003 again, but the scale is 1:1 now.
Real-Life Things That Exist News:
Toys R Us may be vanishing from the US retail landscape, but it seems that it will remain both in our hearts and in our Canada, thanks to an acquisition by Fairfax Financial Holdings. Amidst the empire’s continuing partition outside the US, including acquisition under new branding in Germany and not-yet-settled sale of its (healthy) Asia arm, this confirms that the brand won’t vanish completely in North America.
Japan’s aptly named Brave Robotics have created a transforming robot car two operators can ride in, with hopes of producing a future amusement park attraction. Also in 1:1 scale, a (non-transforming) replica of The Last Knight’s Optimus Prime in truck form has been touring the country and appears at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend.
Finally, Pete’s Robot Convention has updated with two announcements about the June event: IDW Transformers artist (and Dreamwave artist, and Fun Publications, and 3H – look, he draws a lot of robots, alright) Dan Khanna will appear as a guest, and the dealer room has sold out, guaranteeing the proper convention dealer-room experience so missed by HASCON attendees.
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