Studio Series Voyager Optimus Prime Running Change

Studio Series has just started to hit retail saturation and fans have already found a running change for Voyager Optimus Prime, one of the two new figures in the debut wave of the toyline. While the initial samples of the toy featured opaque orange energon blades, samples that have surfaced more recently have been found with much more transparent swords. broke the news and snapped this comparison shot.

The main figure is identical between both releases. While differentiating the two in-person should only be a matter of peeking into the box. For those buying online or who have otherwise not seen the initial variant, the difference lies in the production code stamped at the lower right corner of the box’s back. The opaque-bladed toys have the code “73461,”  while the clear-bladed figures  have “80171.”
Which do you prefer? Will this be enough to convince you to double dip? Most importantly, do the clear blades feature new and improved citrus flavor? Hop on to the Studio Series discussion thread or our Discord server and let us know!