Studio Series Jazz Makes In-Hand Appearance

赛博坦之声88 (“Voice of Cybertron 88”) on Weibo has posted in-hand images of Studio Series Jazz among other Studio Series scores. The images are small, but it’s the first we’ve seen of the upcoming Wave 2 Deluxe since NOTRAB’s small gallery included Jazz and Lockdown alongside the Wave 1 Deluxes.
While the photos don’t demonstrate much about the toy not seen in the stock photos, and the toy doesn’t seem to have been acquired by any regular retail channel, this appearance is still a first robin of spring for Studio Series Wave 2.
In keeping with the scale-conscious Studio Series format, which has an atypical amount of size flexibility within its price points, Jazz is a small Deluxe similar in size to Studio Series Bumblebee.

While the Movie rendition of Jazz has appeared in Legion toys, miniatures, and merch and his 2007 toy has had a long life of retools and redecos, this is only the third fresh mold he’s received as a regular transforming figure, with the second appearing all the way back in 2010 in Human Alliance. Compared to the aging 2007 Deluxe, this figure is naturally much more accurate and complete, including, for instance, arms.
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