Stan Lee Sets the Record Straight – And he is Not Happy About it.

Although we haven’t reported on it up until this point, for those who aren’t aware, there has been some controversy over whether or not Stan Lee was “Okay” or not. Everything ranging from being told how to spell his own name at a convention signing to reports that his close friends and family were trying to rob and manipulate him out of his money while he was not aware of what was going on around him.
There has been a lot of speculation, as well as an outpouring of support for Stan Lee, including Kevin Smith offering to let Stan come live with him if need be.
Well, Stan Lee is most certainly aware of these allegations and he has taken to Facebook to clear the air about what has been happening in his life and why – and to also let fans know that nothing could be further from the truth.
He’s uploaded his video to Facebook on Wed and we’ve mirrored it here below for your convenience.

So assuming he isn’t being coerced off camera by mobsters, which it’s pretty clear he’s not, I think we can all rest easy. But what do you think? Let us know in our comments. You can also visit our forums and sign up for free, as well as join in on any and all discussions over on our discord channel.
Until then, Excelsior!