Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime Now Listed on Amazon UK

Amazon UK now has a listing for the upcoming Power of the Primes Nemesis Pax / Evolution Nemesis Prime. This Leader Class figure, a redeco and retool of Orion Pax / Evolution Optimus Prime, is currently listed as “Temporarily out of stock” for the price of £40.34 ($55.59 USD).

  • Figure evolves from Nemesis Pax to Nemesis Prime
  • Comes with a special edition Deception Giza figure
  • Also comes with Dark Matrix of Leadership and Dark Saber accessories
  • Works with Prime Master figures
  • Prime Master figures not included, each sold separately and subject to availability

Thanks to Seed on Discord for alerting us to this scoop.
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Update: Nemesis Prime also appears to be an Amazon exclusive in the US.


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