Power of the Primes Elita-1 Gallery and Review!

Confidently strolling into the Allspark Studios today is Carcerian head honcho, Elita-1! She might sit mysteriously upon a throne of her world’s greatest warriors, but is she enough of a retool to break away from the stigma of being compared with Cybertron’s fallen leader, Starscream? Only one way to find out…check out our review after the break!

Elita-1 will always have a special place in my heart, and that’s not because I felt an attachment to her a kid.  In the original cartoon, she was basically arm candy for Orion Pax/Optimus Prime.  No, I fell in love with Elita-1 in 2009, at Botcon.  It was the first time my two daughters were excited about a Transformer.  It was a beautiful moment where a father and his children could enjoy the same fandom…albeit an expensive one.  I believe I left that Botcon with 4 Elitas (2 for me, one for each child).  While they don’t play with Transformers anymore (or toys in general), I will always have a warm spot for Elita-1, and the bond she shared with me and my daughters.

Of course, my favorite Elita-1 is the IDW version, and she is definitely not warm.  I assume POTP Elita-1 is meant to be a similar character, and while some of her Prime Master powers make her a great warrior, some of them seem to call out to her femininity, and one even has her sharing a telepathic bond with Optimus.  If you haven’t seen all her cards, check out the bios at the wiki (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Prime_Master/Combinations).

Elita-1 Jet Mode
I like Elita-1’s jet mode way more than Starscream’s.  I know she’s a remold and therefore basically the same figure, but there are a lot of things she has that lean the vote in her favor.  First, she has some additional color on her that is not completely due to Hasbro’s horrible (HORRIBLE) stickers.  Second, she has a unique design on the wings, which while maybe not practical for having holes, is fresh.  I also like how her body parts mesh a little better than those of Starscream.  The main reason why I think I like her more is that she just doesn’t have anything previous to compare to when it comes to alternate modes.  There was no expectation, and she definitely benefits from it.  The only down side for me on Elita’s jet mode is that her stickers are already peeling so bad that I think they will eventually have to be replaced (Help me Toyhax!). It’s definitely unfortunate, but I like her jet mode enough not to let it bring me down too much.

Elita-1 Robot Mode
I thought I liked this mold as Starscream.  He had a stylized look that I felt worked for the character.  Elita takes the body and makes it her own.  Her helmet gives her a better proportioned look in comparison to her body.  Her blasters can be placed on her shoulders to mimic the shoulders from the cartoon version of Elita.  The thick upper body and sleek design of the boots harken to the IDW design.  I want to highlight that unlike some POTP figures, Elita’s head has a full range of movement, so that’s nice.  Probably the only true design negative on a stellar robot mode is that her hands are molded in an “open fist” style that means the only full point of contact for weapons is the part where the index, middle finger, and thumb come together.  It means she sadly cannot hold weapons as well as other figures.  Not the best design choice, but I can live with it.  She is still a better than average robot, with a classic deco, good poseability, and one of the few Voyager class ladies to boot.  Pay close attention to all of her stickers in this mode, which call out to her name and origin in the G1 cartoon!

While perusing the aforementioned tfwiki article, I noticed something on my figure that I had not seen previously.  Turns out, some Elita-1 units shipped with her feet swapped out.  Mine suffers from that assembly error.  I also noticed that the combiner connector can be rendered nonfunctional if you don’t do things just right.  Considering I have yet to see these in my normally well stocked area, I may hold off until I can buy a replacement, if needed.

And this STILL doesn’t make me love the figure less.  😉
Elita-1 Combiner Torso Mode
Combiner mode is another area where Elita shines.  As I stated in my Starscream Gallery and Review, “It is more stable than any of the other torsos to date.  The combiner proportions look great, with well-balanced shoulders and hips, allowing for some great balance.  Strong ratchet joints added to this combination make for the best un-aided combiner poses by far.”  Elita improves on the Starscream torso mode by:

  • not looking like she has butt spikes
  • getting some nicely wicked wing tips that make her look more brutal
  • getting a more proportionate look with the holes in the wings
  • having more color distinction in this mode, due to the white nosecone and thigh paint

Overall, I really like her combined mode as one of the top torsos, and I really hope that HasTak will finish out the G1 female Aubotbot group by giving us Greenlight and Lancer.  If they both share a base mold, not only could we finally have all the original female Autobots, but we could have one really solid, nicely proportioned combiner as well.  Think about it, HasTak.

Power of the Primes Elita-1 is an excellent figure.  She really takes the Starscream and makes it her own.  She has a fresh and unique jet design, with a classic robot deco, good poseability, and she has better proportions in combiner mode.  There are some neat call backs to her origins in the stickers, whose presence (and lack of quality) do not ruin a great figure.  Be aware of the assembly error when purchasing. ***

I give Elita-1 a solid 9/10!  She is a nice improvement on the already great Starscream, and a needed Voyager sized female warrior.  She is simple enough for kids to transform, and classic enough for older fans t love.  Make sure you snap this one up the moment your eyes meet!
***Editor’s note:  I am a little backed up on galleries and reviews right now, so I am posting this review without a clear pic of the misassembled foot, which I discovered last night.  I will update this gallery and review with a clear pic of the assembly error sometime after 7 PM central.
For your viewing pleasure:  BAD FEET