PotP Packaging Leak Featuring Nemesis Prime’s Bio, Decepticon Giza, and Wreck-Gar art

Packaging images for Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime and Wreck-Gar have leaked via the usual source, Weibo user TF-Factory.

Nemesis Prime is the previously revealed re-mold of PotP leader class Optimus. The previous reveal showcased a sword that clearly transformed into a bird, and this packaging reveals it’s name, “Decepticon Giza”. Interestingly this is the same name of the sawshark/sword partner included with the Prime Nemesis Prime released in Takara’s Arms Micron line. The included matrix is also referred to as the Dark Matrix of Leadership.
It also gives the short bio describing the evil doppelgänger that remains decidedly vague on the clone’s origin.
“If OPTIMUS PRIME is the universe’s shining beacon, his evil clone NEMESIS PRIME is its doomsday black hole. He possesses the same strength and  intelligence as the Autobot Leader, but is vile and without remorse, and driven to eliminate all on his path”.

Wreck-gar’s packaging doesn’t reveal any new information, but it gives us a nice look at the packaging illustration of the upcoming re-mold of the CW/UW Groove/Afterburner mold.

Thanks goes to Allspark user Sabrblade for bringing this story to our attention.
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