New Photos of Upcoming Studio Series Deluxes and Voyagers – Megatron, Brawl, Lockdown, and Jazz!

微信号tf-factory has produced out-of-package images of the next round of Studio Series Deluxes and Voyagers: Megatron, Brawl, Lockdown, and Jazz. Not only do the images reveal a much clearer look at the figures than we’ve seen, but Brawl is properly transformed and standing without the aid of any dimes.
The images also helpfully include height and length measurements for the figures, a consideration in Studio Series’ more flexible approach to price point sizes to reflect relative scale. (Lockdown in particular appears to be an exception at the height of a typical Deluxe, possibly scaled for alt-mode rather than robot-mode scale accuracy – an understandable compromise given his apparent mass-shifting in Age of Extinction.)
Scroll down for the full galleries, or check out the original posts on the 微信号tf-factory Weibo page. Then share your thoughts on these  in our Studio Series thread on the Allspark Forums or on our Discord server.
Thanks to Allspark user LV! for alerting us to the news.