New Machinima Power of the Primes Voice Actor Video Released

As with the previous installment, Machinima and Hasbro have released a short behind-the-mic video of some of the top voice talent working on the Power of the Primes web series launching Tuesday. The video features Mark Hamill, Judd Nelson, Gregg Berger, and Ron Perlman in recording sessions as well as some brief video clips from the upcoming show. 
The video intersperses clips of the voice actors at work in the recording booth alongside the final animated results. The exception is Judd Nelson, who instead offers some commentary on his character’s ongoing evolution in the trilogy accompanied by clips from the previous Titans Return series. This is also the first reveal of Gregg Berger voice work in this iteration of Grimlock, and both the lines as written and Berger’s delivery call back very much to the Generation 1 portrayal.
Judd Nelson’s Rodimus Cron was not shown to speak after his transformation from Hot Rod in the latter half of Titans Return, and this video omits any recording session footage from Nelson to continue that trend. Something smells like a reveal that Machinima don’t want to spoil yet!
See the original Facebook post or watch the video below for details, then join our Machinima Power of the Primes discussion thread or shout out in our Discord server. What is Rodimus Cron hiding behind that faceplate? Come have a guess with us!