New Diaclone Waruder Suit Prototype Revealed!

TakaraTomy has released a short video showcasing the Waruder Flinger and Stang suits in a variety of new combinations and in combat with Dianaut Maneuver suits and Dia-Battles V2. But it gets better: a set of parts to upgrade either existing suit by itself into a larger and more powerful mech!
The evil Waruder Flinger and Stang suits representing the Dianauts’ alien enemies haven’t been released yet, but there’s already more alien menace on the way!
TakaraTomy’s video below showcases the four forms we’ve seen before for the Flinger and Stang suits in series of turntable shots, then gets down to business with combination configurations (including some previously not seen) and dioramic fight scenes with the Dianauts. Allspark member Sabrblade transliterates the names given to the base modes for a single suit as the “Hammerhead” (the limbless pod form), the “Hunter” (the crab-clawed flying form), the “Shrieker” (the vaguely saurian biped form), and the “Grappler” (the humanoid form.)
But the big reveal is a set of new parts to upgrade a Flinger or Stang into a wholly new suit using something referred to as a “Ring Mount” system. The base suit is converted into its Hammerhead form and the pilot pod and tentacle removed, and a new pilot pod and limbs are added to create a much larger saurian mechanoid, which years of anime have taught me can only be the Waruders’ “command suit”.
In keeping with the quasi-building-system style of the Diaclone revival, the same new parts can be assembled in other combinations on their own into even more monstrous mechanoids, or included in still further combinations with Stang or Flinger suits.
See the video below, then discuss your plans for defeating the Dianauts in our Diaclone Revival thread on the Allspark Forums, or shout out in the Discord. Thanks to the omnicombinatorial Powered Convoy for the news and to Sabrblade, who never misses a character, for the transliterations.