Martin Short Voicing … We Don’t Know in Bumblebee Movie

This one’s not exactly “news”, but invites some speculation: A December 2017 article from The Press of Atlantic City has been making rounds recently with the then-reveal that Martin Short, comedian actor and voice actor, was then involved in voice work for the Bumblebee movie.
While the article refers to his role as “voice-over” work, Short’s past work makes this almost certain to be a reference to voice acting for an animated character. The question is, who? Prior interviews have revealed that Bumblebee will only feature four main robot characters, and Bumblebee is unlikely to be voiced. Meanwhile, Peter Cullen has been confirmed to be providing a voice for the film as well, but it’s unknown whether he will occupy another of those four spots; it’s been speculated that given the movies’ timeline, Cullen might play only a cameo role or provide another introductory narration sequence.
In addition to his live comedy roles, Short’s long resume features Jimmy Neutron‘s Ooblar, Treasure Planet‘s B.E.N., and a long run as The Cat in the Hat in television form, as well as a long list of minor characters like The Simpsons‘ Guthrie Frenel. It’s a diverse cast, including a lot of vibrant and creative caricatures.
There isn’t a lot to go on yet, but if the tone and style of Bumblebee differs as much from that of Michael Bay’s series as has been hinted, it’s not hard to see how a voice actor like Short could fit into that picture, whether as a quirky ally of Bee and Charlie, or as a memorable enemy.
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