March Mayhem IV Champions: Thundercracker with Buster & Marissa Faireborn!

Allspark March Mayhem IV: Sparky Races reached its dramatic conclusion last week with Thundercracker, Buster and Marissa Faireborn bringing home the trophy!  They fought a tough battle against fan-favorite Beast Wars frenemies, Rattrap and Dinobot, to win by 4 votes!

Congrats to Allspark user ezim93 who had the winning bracket this year and will be receiving a brand new Titans Return Trypticon as their prize!
View the results of the contest in our forums here.
We would like to thank everybody who participated in choosing the winners of each round over the last few weeks, and if you missed out, check out our archives of all the fun debate, commentary, and bios in the March Mayhem IV forum!
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