Machinima’s Power of the Primes Sets Release Date

“COLOSSAL Action.” Hasbro announced today via their Transformers Facebook page that the final chapter in the Prime Wars Trilogy web series will launch beginning Tuesday, May 1. That’s less than two weeks to get your drinking game written up. While a cast list has been released for the series, no animation or character art has been revealed.
The cast list for the chapter was released in early January and includes Ron Perlman as Optimus Primal, Gregg Burger as Grimlock and Volcanicus, a returning Mark Hamill as Megatronus, and the returning cast from Titans Return including Abby Trott’s Windblade, Jason Marnocha’s Megatron, and Peter Cullen’s Optimus Prime.
Accompanying the new release date was the video below from Titans Return, in which the mighty Trypticon knocks around the Enigma-empowered Victorion a bit, in turn accompanied with some oddly nondescript title text in the letterbox areas.
It’s been three months since we last left our heroes, when Trypticon fell over with a case of indigestion, and the ancient Prime Megatronus showed up on the scene to kill Optimus Prime – before leaving again to get back to important Prime business. We’re confident that Optimus will stay dead for the entire chapter. Really. Also in the balance is the fate of Hot Rod, previously Rodimus Prime, now Rodimus Cron, the evil black repaint transformed by Overlord and a mysterious purple glow for purposes unknown.
Check out the video below or the original Facebook post, then come share your hype or drinking game suggestions in our Machinima Power of the Primes thread or on our Discord server.