Machinima Releases Power of the Primes Poster for Tomorrow Featuring Solus Prime

Machinima have been gradually releasing a poster for their Power of the Primes web series chapter in one section per day from twelve, like an ominous advent calendar. In the lead-up to launch tomorrow on Go90, the picture was completed today, with Solus Prime watching over the proceedings.

The poster features all your favorites from Machinima’s Prime Wars Trilogy thus far – less the Mistress of Flame, Primus rest her doink – and characters previously teased for the new installment, but today’s section of the poster also included the previously unrevealed Solus Prime.

Check out Machinima’s Instagram page for the above image cut into conveniently manageable sections, then join our Machinima Power of the Primes discussion thread or shout out in our Discord server.
You can also see Machinima’s behind the mic video and trailer for the new series.