Legends LG-EX Greatshot Gallery and Review!

With ninja-like stealth, the recalcitrant Autobot Greatshot sneaks into the Allspark studios for a few in-hand shots today—one of them actually in-hand!
Late last year TakaraTomy announced that their Transformers Legends line would be coming to an end at mass retail. Finding out that this phenomenal line was coming to and end—what this Allspark staffer personally considers the singular best in franchise history—was heartbreaking. And while this line may now be over at retail, its passing is marked with a pair of TakaraTomy Mall exclusives: LG-EX Greatshot and Grand Maximus!
Unlike Grand Maximus who would only see production if pre-orders managed to hit 2000 units, Greatshot was solicited like a standard TT Mall exclusive. As luck would have it, his release brother did receive sufficient pre-orders to see production (although sadly the 3000 minimum for Grand’s Pretender shell did not).
But enough talk, lets take a look at one of the two LG-EX releases—the mercenary Autobot himself, Greatshot!

Hearkening back to his G1 toy, Greatshot is once again an extensive remold of Sixshot. In the early days of the internet, when US fans first started becoming aware of the Japanese series, there was much speculation that Greatshot was an upgraded form of the Decepticon six-changer Sixshot. This theory certainly wasn’t without merit; after all, the last we saw of Sixshot, he had befriended Daniel in Headmasters and had something of a redemption arc. And Greatshot didn’t just share a body with the Decepticon sixchanger, they were voiced by the same actor—an actor who employed the identical samurai-inspired dialect for both characters. Also, in Greatshot’s debut appearance it was revealed he was once friends with the Decepticon Crossformers, who were angered he now allied himself with the Autobots.
There certainly seemed to be a strong case for Greatshot being a new Autobot identity for the redeemed Decepticon Sixshot. However, the translation of his toy bio ran counter to this theory, stating he was a former compatriot to Sixshot and Sixknight and another member of the enigmatic Six Clan who secretly ruled the universe. Still, being a Japanese only release meant this toy had no small amount of desire and mystique behind it, as this previously unknown corner of the franchise started to come to light for Western fans.
G1 Greatshot featured several of new parts that changed the appearance of the original Sixshot toy. Legends Sixshot replicates those changes, this time to the recent Titans Return/Legends Sixshot mold. The toy features a new chest adorned with a golden phoenix, new larger chest wings, a new helmet, new headmaster face, new shoulder pylons, and a completely new rhino-like beast head.

The new helmet actually features horns that fold and unfold for transformation. While this is a neat bit of engineering to allow the toy to maintain Greatshot’s signature horns, it means the headmaster must be removed for transformation, unlike Sixshot who can keep it stowed if you prefer to ignore the new headmaster gimmick.
Speaking of the headmaster, while Legends Sixshot featured a new headmaster that resembles his full-size robot mode, Greatshot utilizes Hasbro’s Revolver tooling for the headmaster’s robot mode. This headmaster sculpt was based on Jack, the ill-fated friend of Chromedome who was killed by Sixshot in the Japanese Headmasters cartoon. In the included comic, Takara has chosen to run with this reference, making it Jack himself. Wishing to undo the his past deeds, Sixshot has resurrected him, sacrificing his own headmaster form in the process. With Sixshot’s spark transferred to his transtector body and with Jack as his head, the two became Greatshot, finally making the decades old fan-theory from the 90’s canon.

Sword not included.

If you own or are familiar with Sixshot, Greatshot’s alt modes won’t give you any great surprises. With the exception of the beast mode, most only have cosmetic differences with the toy he’s remolded from. Interestingly, even Takara has opted to flip Sixshot’s gun mode upside-down and market it as a submarine. Pictured below is my own variant on the gun configuration, which features a closed front rather than the open one in the submarine mode’s official configuration.

Armored car mode


Anti-aircraft tank mode


Jet mode


Winged rhino-beast mode


Gun mode


In-hand shot


Submarine mode (picture differs from official transformation)

As you can see, Greatshot is a visually striking toy. With his emblazoned chest and primary colors, his appearance simply oozes heroism. The Titans Return Sixshot mold is a solid and fun toy, if a bit unremarkable for being a quintessential “G1 with knees” style release. But with G1 Greatshot being a grail far too rare and expensive for many people’s collections, that adherence to the original makes this release a great substitute and a way for many fans to finally add this character to their shelves. That said, being an exclusive release to TakaraTomy Mall does mean this is a limited release with a higher than average price tag—around $95 from most US-based online retailers.
Is he worth the price? Hard to say. Originating from the Japanese Victory series and having only a handful of appearances within the series itself, Greatshot is a nobody’s nobody. With his only Western appearances being in a Transformers pop-up book and a single unnamed appearance in one panel of an IDW comic, he’s really only noteworthy to most fans for being a rare Japanese-only release. However, if you’re a fan of Victory, this toy will surely demand a place on your shelf next to MP Star Saber.
Perhaps now that he’s canonically an upgraded Sixshot, all those proponents of that old fan theory will feel a need to add him to their collections just to say they were always right. In any case, it’s a great figure, and I’d highly recommend adding him to your collection if your budget can take the hit.

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