Kabam Releases Forged to Fight Download and Player Statistics

Kabam’s Transformers: Forged to Fight has been a runaway success by any metric, being picked as game of the year in 2018’s Global Mobile Awards. Now, Kabam’s released the metrics in question – player numbers, hours played, total fights and alliances, and the most-played bots.
Kabam released the following video to celebrate the achievement of the game’s success over the last year and a half since launching, and especially the one year anniversary of the full release.

Here’s the full numbers per the press release, illustrating both the content produced and the fan reception. The most popular bots will surprise no one, but the amount of participation speaks for itself:

  • Transformers: Forged to Fight has been played by over 20 million users around the world!
  • Over 230 million Crystals have been opened since the game launch
  • 39 Bots released
  • Over 31 million hours played!
  • Over 88,000 Alliances have been created!
  • Over 710 million Fights have been completed!
  • Most-Used Bots by Rating (1- 4 Star):
    • 1 star: Optimus Prime
    • 2 star: Optimus Prime (CIN)
    • 3 star: Ironhide
    • 4 star: Ironhide
  • Total # of Fights Completed since soft launch on Dec.5, 2016 by these specific characters:
    • Over 162 million Fights completed by Optimus Prime
    • Over 44 million Fights completed by Bumblebee (CIN)
    • Over 8 million Fights completed by Megatron (CIN)
    • Over 2 million Fights completed by Starscream

Are you one of those 20 million players? Who’s your main? Come share your thoughts in our Forged to Fight discussion thread or on our Discord server!