James Roberts Confirms Departure From TF Books

More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light writer James Roberts has confirmed on Twitter that after the upcoming Unicron event, he will be taking a break from Transformers while he regenerates. 

Will the future bring us a brand new James Roberts ready to apply his prowess in IDW’s new continuity? Only time will tell. While the reboot may open with a clean slate and a new team of fresh-faced creators, it’s always often nice to see familiar voices revisiting their old stomping grounds.
MTMTE and LL have certainly become divisive books, but early More Than Meets The Eye scored IDW a lot of attention and it’s clear that they lured in a whole new audience. Roberts has many passionate fans and has unquestionably contributed a great deal to IDW’s Transformers mythos.
Roberts also worked on several other Transformers books for IDW including the classic Last Stand of the Wreckers and a number of Spotlights. Before that he was a prominent member of the fandom in the UK and known for his 2001 fan novel Eugenesis.
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