iTunes Preview: Transformers Vs. Visionaries #5

Between magic and machine the battle rages, prepare for the end with these three pages! Thanks to the magic of iTunes, we now have a three-page preview of the upcoming fifth and final issue of Transformers Vs. Visionaries, which will lead into the upcoming Transformers: Unicron event! 
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Transformers Vs. Visionaries #5
Written by Magdalene Visaggio, Art by Fico Ossio, Colors by David Garcia Cruz

The final fate of Cybertron! Leoric and the drill team, on a mission to stop the destruction of the planet, reach the core—only to be met by Virulina and her Darkling Lords! Now, the two sides are locked in a final battle to determine whether Cybertron sees tomorrow. Everything comes to a head in this thrilling conclusion!


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