Hasbro Wants to Help You Recycle Your Broken or Unwanted Toys to Help the Environment!

Today Hasbro announced a new pilot program, in partnership with TerraCycle, to take unwanted Hasbro product and recycle them into materials that can be used in the construction of play spaces, flower pots, park benches, and so on. And if keeping those toys from ending up in landfills (like so much plastic does) wasn’t enough, they’ll even give you free shipping labels to send your broken toys on to their next (and probably final) home.
Toys can’t live forever, and we can’t help thinking that as fates for our plastic pals go, recycling isn’t the worst end. It certainly sounds a lot less disturbing than the fiery end teased in Toy Story 3. Picture it: maybe Woody and the gang can’t live forever, but at least they’re together now, and also a playground slide. Everybody wins! And it might be the first time your Star Wars Crossovers Luke Skywalker or Alternators Optimus Prime brings joy to anyone.
Check you the full press release on Business Wire.


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