Hasbro Stock Photos for Power of the Primes Quintus (Bludgeon), Solus (Octopunch), and Megatronus (Bomb-Burst)

They’re not yet available, but Amazon.com has added Hasbro stock photos for Quintus Prime with Bludgeon, Solus Prime with Octopunch, and Megatronus with Bomb-Burst to their listings for the three Prime Masters. (TakaraTomy released their own stock images of Quintus and Solus, not expected in Japan until August, last month.)
See the listings for Solus Prime with OctopunchQuintus Prime with Bludgeon, and Megatronus with Bomb-Burst, or browse the images below.
You can also check out the somewhat better TakaraTomy galleries for Solus and Quintus at site sponsor BigBadToyStore. Like all Power of the Primes figures, the stock photos may differ slightly but the releases are expected to be identical.

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