Four Star Victorion or Menasor Alliance Event This Weekend in Transformers Earth Wars and More!

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is a major alliance event where the grand prize is a four star Victorion or Menasor Crystal! In other Transformers Earth Wars news, we have some more information coming from Space Ape via their VIP updates including a new Battle Zone and a new upcoming feature.
The prizes for the event are listed in the graphics below:

But there’s more! The event will also be the launch of a new Battle Zone:

Battle Zone 14 is coming!
Yes, it is finally time! Many of you asked for it and by the end of this week we will deliver, right on time for the upcoming event: Battle Zone 14 is coming!
Aimed at the top players, you will face a new level of difficulty, with rewards fitting to it. The main changes are:

  • Zone 13 is now capped to 12.000 medals
  • Zone 14 increases the previous cap to 20.000 medals
  • Drastically increased resource rewards
  • 150% experience in Zone 14 for normal battles
  • Together with this we will also reduce the difficulty of Zone 12 to make the progression through the zones smoother. After the update, it will resemble the difficulty it had before our last balancing update.

Finally, while it won’t launch with the event, Space Ape has also informed its VIPs that a new Collection feature is coming!

New Game Features:
Putting Collections into your Collection!
While finalizing the new Combiners and Zone 14, we’ve been hard at work on a completely different feature as well and we are sure you will like it: Bot Collections!
Have you ever wanted to see the classic teams standing together? Have you ever wondered what bots you are missing in each category? Then this feature is for you!
Collections breaks down all bots in the game by the team they are part of, and show you exactly how good your collection already is!
Tapping on any of the teams gives you an even more detailed breakdown. Here are just two examples to give you a first impression:
But that’s not all! What would a big collection of awesome bots be if you can’t show it off? We’ve got that covered as well! There will be an all new leaderboard and Tier rankings for collections so you can compare yourself with other players and see how far up the ladder you are!
You’ll be able to get a sneak preview of all that and more Thursday, April 26 on our Stream!

Are you geared up for the event? Let us know in our Earth Wars thread or on our Discord Server! New to Earth Wars? Visit Space Ape’s Earth Wars home page to get the game or for more information.