Former IDW Editor in Chief Chris Ryall Joins Skybound Entertainment

Chris Ryall announced early last month that he was leaving his position as IDW’s Editor in Chief and Chief Creative Officer, from which he has helmed IDW’s comics output since 2004. Per, he’s now taken a role with the editorial staff of Skybound Entertainment, known for the Walking Dead franchise. 
Skybound Entertainment is a comic publishing house with a multimedia presence in television, gaming, and at least one upcoming film in the works, built on in-house properties like The Walking Dead, the superhero comic Invincible, the vampire series Redneck, and others in a creator-owned system.
CBR quotes Ryall’s enthusiasm in taking the position:

As a fan of genre material and comic books all around, working with Skybound Entertainment is a natural fit for me […] I’m excited to work with the team in place at Skybound and expand an already phenomenal library of content.

Skybound co-founder and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is similarly enthusiastic, saying of Ryall that he has “admired his work from afar for many years”.
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