Diaclone Waruder Pilot and Suit Stock Photos

From DaimChoc Reports comes a stock photo gallery of the upcoming TakaraTomy Diaclone Waruder Suit, equivalent to the Dianauts’ Powered Suit. The model is offered in two variations, each including a Waruder pilot. These marauding alien counterparts are similarly price to the Dianauts’ suits but slightly larger, and can be transformed or combined into a variety of configurations.
The Waruder Suit appears to be built around a removable pilot pod (itself bearing a removable tail attachment), is able to transform into a variety of vicious-looking configurations, and can be combined with others into larger and even more menacing machines.

The red DA-23 “Flinger” suit and blue DA-24 “Stang” suit appear to differ mostly in color, including identically sculpted pilots but with minor sculpt differences in the cockpit bubble and in the weaponized tip of the tail appendage. The price for both versions appears to be the same, matching the Dianauts’ Powered System Maneuver suits.

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