Design Process of Power of the Primes Dinobot Sludge Released Via Hasbro Social Media

Hasbro’s “Leaked From Cybertron” series, which showcases the design process of their newest toys, continues today, this time showcasing the long-necked, dimwitted Dinobot Sludge!
In today’s release, which was made available on Hasbro’s Facebook and Instagram accounts we see the differences in the original “Deco Spec” for the Deluxe Class Dinobot and in his final retail release in Wave 2 of the Power of the Primes toyline. While the designs don’t differ too greatly, both of them being undeniably Sludge, this look at Hasbro’s design process still provides an interesting peak behind the curtain for fans!
Sludge is available at retail right now for a suggested retail price of $16.99.
Below we’ve embedded the video slideshow in addition to extracted images showing both slides. Let us know what you think about controversial Dinobot deco choices in our Power of the Primes thread or our Discord server.

Deluxe Class Dinobot Sludge – from deco spec to final figure.

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