Dan Gilvezan, Voice of Generation 1 Bumblebee, Releases Detective Novel

Dan Gilvezan, voice of Generation 1 Bumblebee and the 1981 cartoon Spider-Man, has released a mystery novel with a hint of a series to come. Dead Money: A Jolly Lomax Mystery is available in Kindle and paperback forms, and Gilvezan has scheduled April 14 as a “Buy My Book Day”, with a special reduced price for the paperback edition.

Gilvezan’s third novel and fourth published book is a mystery story about private investigator Jolly Lomax, who may return for future stories if the subtitle is to be believed. Per the Amazon listing:

Private investigator and amateur magician Jolly Lomax finds himself in over his head when he’s hired by a rich widow to stop her daughter from pilfering funds from their shared bank account. The complication? The girl’s been dead for over a year and the woman believes it’s her daughter’s ghost who’s responsible for the withdrawals. Against his better judgment Jolly takes the case, little knowing that following the dead daughter’s trail will lead directly to a villainous plot that may well threaten the safety and security of the entire world.

Gilvezan is planning April 14 (Pacific time) as a “Buy My Book Day”, and has reduced the paperback price from $14.95 to the minimum $9.98 for the event. Books purchased on Amazon in large amounts within a short period get more attention in recommendations, so purchasing within this window will give the book a visibility bump. If you’re a fan of Gilvezan’s work or just interested in this premise, plan for April 14 to check it out.
See the listing on Amazon.com and check out Gilvezan’s website for information on his other books, including Bumblebee & Me: Life as a G1 Transformer and two other novels.