Bumblebee Movie Clip and Sizzle Reel Shown at Cinemacon!

There’s been a lot of buzz around the upcoming Bumblebee Movie premiering this Christmas, and Paramount has just debuted a movie clip and sizzle reel of the sixth entry in the Transformers franchise at Cinemacon. While the footage hasn’t been released to the public, first hand accounts are positive, calling it ‘charming’, ’emotional’, and even ‘cute’!

Paramount’s presentation at Cinemacon, a Movie Theatre industry trade show, included the Transformers spinoff movie “BumbleBee” starring the titular character and movie star Autobot, Bumblebee. John Cena and Travis Knight spoke on the movie, while Paramount showed a clip and a sizzle reel from the movie. While the footage wasn’t released to the public, many wrote their firsthand impressions of the clip and sizzle reel shown in the presentation. The first being a clip set in main character Charlie Watson’s garage, wherein Charlie discovers Bumblebee as he’s undercover as the same VW Beetle alt-mode he took in the first Transformers Toyline. The sizzle reel includes Bumblebee running from the army, fighting decepticons, and getting help from Hailee Steinfeld’s character, Charlie.
Eric Vespe, an attendee at the Paramount presentation, described the clip between Bumblebee and Charlie in a tweet afterwards:

ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis provided a more detailed description of the footage shown in this article by Russ Birlingame, including the sizzle reel:

Later, clips of Bee running from a helicopter, trucks exploding, Bee playing on the beach, driving Charlie around, and other Transformers cut into the frame. A red and white winged Transformer is fighting him. He uses his arm cannon. He fights fighter jets. Charlie does her best to help him. He lands in a desert.

Some attendees claim that a ‘red and blue’ ‘classic colored’ Starscream makes an appearance in the sizzle reel. That may be the ‘red and white winged Transformer’ described in the Comicbook.com article, but there is no confirmation of that as of yet.
It seems there’s a lot to speculate and discuss about the Bumblebee movie after that, so be sure to hit up our Bumblebee Movie discussion thread on the boards or on our Discord Server!