Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for April 14 2018

Good morning, Allspark! This week’s showcase features Dave van Domelen (known as Dvandom on the forums) who’s repainted one (two?) of the hottest molds in Power of the Primes into one of the hottest heroes in cartoons. It’s not just a crossover, it’s a fusion!

This timely rendition of Steven Universe’s Garnet in the form of Power of the Primes Battletrap works too well for words, down to the figure’s oddly square head. The new faction symbols are a nice touch, but I’m particularly taken by that precise and very aptly-chosen canopy glare effect. Ruby’s (Battleslash’s) red base color is also a dye job, giving it a bit of playable durability in comparison to home-applied paints, something always nice to see in Transformers customs.

We don’t want to steal too much of Dave’s thunder and have pulled just the one image here, so see his thread for images of the separated Ruby and Sapphire in robot and vehicle forms and more pictures of Garnet, including another scene recreation involving Dave’s prior custom Peridot from Generations Tailgate.
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